Value of project
$100M - $250M


Q3 (Jul-Sep)


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q4 (Oct-Dec)

Smithfield Bypass project scope includes:
- bypass route continuity between the Captain Cook Highway (CCH) at Yorkeys Knob Road roundabout and McGregor Road roundabout;
- upgrading of the existing Yorkeys Knob roundabout with a four-legged signalised intersection to cater for the addition of the bypass route traffic;
- northbound left-off only exit ramp from the bypass route at Cattana Road;
- upgrading of the Cairns Western Arterial Road (CWAR) roundabout, with a signalised double right turn from CCH onto CWAR;
- exit and entry ramp to the proposed future designated road at the northern end of the bypass route connecting to McGregor Road;
- two lane bi-directional overpass at McGregor Road roundabout;
- wide centre line treatment for improved safety; and
- an off-road cycle path.

QLD 4870

Government agency - Far North

Project Funding source - Queensland Government

  • Major industry:

    Transport postal & warehousing

  • Major procurement method:

    To Be Determined

  • Next key date:

  • Project contracts:

    None available

For more information contact: District Director Far North
15 Lake Street
Cairns Qld 4870

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