Potential for
Private investment

Value of project
Less than $25M


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q1 (Jan-Mar)


Q2 (Apr-Jun)

The 2,000 ML scheme being developed would pump water from the Swan River in periods of higher river flows and store it in a dam adjacent to the river, close to the township of Cranbrook on the Melrose property. This stored water would then be delivered to participating landholders through a delivery network of pipes during the summer irrigation season. The irrigation water delivered would be at a surety level of greater than 95 per cent. The irrigation season will nominally run from 1 September to January 31 each year. 

TAS 7190

Government agency - Tasmanian Irrigation

Project Funding source - Australian Government
Tasmanian Government

  • Major industry:

    Electric, gas, water & waste services

  • Major procurement method:

    To Be Determined

  • Next key date:

  • Project contracts:

    None available

For more information contact: Luke Curtain
PO Box 84
Evandale Tas 7212

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