Value of project
$100M - $250M


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q2 (Apr-Jun)


Q4 (Oct-Dec)

Construct bridge/s and approaches.

On this five kilometre section, about four kilometres suffers from frequent and prolonged flooding every year. In addition to affecting inter-regional freight and passenger trips, this flooding cuts off Ingham from Townsville which is the main industrial and urban centre in North Queensland. Also, Cattle Creek Bridge is very narrow which is a safety issue.
Construct a new high-level bridge over Cattle and Frances Creeks and higher flood immunity road along this 5 kilometre section.

This proposed project will improve flood immunity, safety and network efficiency on this section of the Bruce Highway.

Qld 4810

Government agency - Department of Transport and Main Roads

Project Funding source - Australian Government
Queensland Government

For more information contact: District Director (Northern)
445 Flinders Street
Townsville Qld 4810

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