Value of project
$250M - $500M


Q4 (Oct-Dec)


Q3 (Jul-Sep)


Q2 (Apr-Jun)

Construct to new sealed two-lane standard.

Stage One proposed to construct a two-lane rural highway of approximately 11.3 kilometres in length between Stockroute Road and the intersection of the Bruce Highway and Bald Hill Road, which will allow traffic to bypass Mackay. The completed Ring Road will address the capacity limitations and accident risks of the existing route and improve the movement of freight traffic.

This project will reduce the frequency of hazardous loads travelling through Mackay's city centre and significantly improve the operation of local, regional and national road networks.

QLD 4740

Government agency - Department of Transport and Main Roads

Project Funding source - Queensland Government
Australian Government

For more information contact: District Director (Mackay/Whitsunday)
44 Nelson Street
Mackay Qld 4740

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